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Sake Vessels Exhibition

I am pleased to be curating my third sake vessels exhibition, this one being showcased at The Stratford Gallery in the UK. The exhibition will be titled, "The Sake Vessel: Contemporary Interpretations", and is slated to open mid-November of this year (2019). It will include 35 ceramicists from six countries, and there are plans to publish a full color exhibition catalog.

Here is the list of artists exhibiting:

Joe Bruin
Rob Fornell
Anthony Gaudino
Mitch Iburg
Lucien Koonce
Dick Lehman
Kristin Muller
Tim Rowan
Akira Satake
Jeff Shapiro
Hitomi Shibata
Takuro Shibata
Mike Weber
Eddie Curtis
Margaret Curtis
Lisa Hammond
Akiko Hirai
Phil Rogers
Sim Taylor
David Louveau
New Zealand
Elena Renker
Aaron Scythe
Watanabe Akihiko
Ikeda Asato 
John Dix
Tomoo Hamada 
Shigemasa Higasheda
Osamu Inayoshi
Mami Kato
Hiromi Matsukawa
Ken Matsuzaki
Richard Milgrim
Yoca Muta
Koichi Nishi
Uwe Lollmann

November Anagama Firing

Here are select works from November's firing of the Gustin anagama:


Cassville Anagama

A big "thank you" to Ken Birchell for woodfiring these three guinomi  in his anagama, located in Cassville, WI, this past September.


I have been invited to participate in CHAWAN, an international exhibition dedicated to the ceremonial tea bowl. With over thirty five global makers, this exhibition is being held at The Stratford Gallery, loacted in Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom.  The exhibtion is being opened by Dr. Bonnie Kemske, renowned ceramics writer, artist and author of "The Tea Bowl - East & West", which will take place on Saturday November 17th at 3:30pm. The show runs until December 5th, 2018. An exhibition catalog will be published, and the show will also be available for viewing online at
These four wood fired kurinuki chawan are my submissions...


These five wood fired kurinuki cups are in Cup XIV: The Intimate Object, hosted by Charlie Cummings Gallery. There are over 1000 cups by 200 artists from 10 countries. The show runs October 6th - November 2nd, with an opening reception slated for Friday, October 5th from 6pm - 9pm. Located at 2040 NW 6th St., Gainesville, Florida, an online opening begins 12:00 pm EST on Saturday, October 6th.


Visions in Clay

This wood fired vase was juried into Visions in Clay, by juror Beth Ann Gerstein, who is the executive director of the American Museum of Ceramic Art. This exhibition will be held at the L. H. Horton, Jr. Gallery, located in the Delta Center for the Arts, San Joaquin Delta College, in Stockton, CA. Dates for this gallery exhibition are September 04th - 21st, 2018, with an opening reception being held on September 6th from 5 to 7 pm.
The show can be viewed online from August '18 through June '19 by clicking here: Visions in Clay

Kiln Firing

I am always grateful when Mike Weber (WI) invites me to send a few pieces that I would like to have him fire. These two kurinuki chawan were fired this summer in his anagama. As Usual, Mike worked his fire magic!


Ceramics Monthly

I am deeply honored to be one of twenty four selected artists to have a drinking vessel(s) chosen for Ceramic Monthly's September 2018 publication feature: Drink Up. The wood fired kurinuki sake cup, shown below, can be seen on page 37.

Shapes of Influence

It is an honor to have been selected by juror Simon Levin to exhibit in Shapes of Influence, a biennial ceramics exhibition being held in the Springfield Art Association's M. G. Nelson Gallery, located in Springfield, IL. This show runs August 3rd through September 1st, and the wood fired kurinuki cup shown below is what I have in this exhibition.

Artist Residency

Spending six weeks as a Resident Artist at STARworks Ceramics, in Star, NC, was an exceptional opportunity. I was there from July 05 through August 13th, and benefited tremendously from all that was available to me. The highlight was having numerous discussions with Takuro Shibata, director of all things clay. He is extremely knowledgeable on materials, and he guided me in making trial adjustments to my personal claybody using some of the local regional clay. Being able to work 8-10 hours a day, focusing solely on making work, was priceless. I was able to try some new ideas, as well as using numerous available claybodies. While I didn't fire any work during my stay, I will be able to see the results of my efforts this November when we fire Chris Gustin's kiln.